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How can I charge my electric car or use the charging station?2022-02-06T13:54:23+01:00

Our charger is available for all. We provide a type 2 plug.
Guests pay 10 Euro per charging and are favoured over other customers, who pay 15 Euros.
Payment will be possible per Paypal.


Please contact us if you want to charge your electromobile:

+49 173 5193762

Where can I find a gas station in Wörth an der Isar?2021-02-04T10:19:12+01:00
  • Aral, Siemensstraße 2
  • Shell, Luitpoldpark 2
Where can I find a ATM in Wörth an der Isar?2021-02-04T10:19:33+01:00
  • Raiffeisenbank Essenbach, Sportplatz 6
  • Sparkasse Landshut, Landshuter Straße 47
Where can I go shopping?2021-02-04T10:19:40+01:00

In Wörth an der Isar and surroundings you find supermarkets and regional stores. You find a selection here in 84109 Wörth an der Isar:

  • Apotheke – easyApotheke Wörth, Landshuter Straße 16
  • Bäckerei Frühmorgen, Landshuter Straße 36
  • Bäckerei Riedl, Landshuter Straße 21
  • Backstube Wünsche, Landshuter Straße 45
  • Metzgerei Pflügler, Postauer Straße 1
  • Supermarket – EDEKA, Landshuter Straße 45
  • Supermarket – Lidl, Luitpoldpark 5, 84100 Niederaichbach


Can I have a barbecue at the Guesthouse?2021-02-04T10:20:25+01:00

Guests who have booked a room with terrace can use their own grill there. In agreement with the management you can also use the area around the house. Please enjoy your barbecue with respect to other guests.

Is smoking allowed at /in the guest house?2021-02-04T10:20:36+01:00

No, we are a non-smoking house. Smoking is not allowed in the house, on terraces and balconies and in the main entrance area.

Please use out designated smoking areas at the parking areas of house 1 and 3

How can I reach a contact person at the Guesthouse?2021-06-04T14:55:51+02:00

We do not have a reception, please use the following options:

  • E-mail at info@green-guesthouse.de or send a message via Booking.com
  • Leave a message on our guest cards on the table. Our service team will read it in the morning of the next working day.
  • Call, WhatsApp to +49 173 5193762 (Management)
  • Our service team is in the houses every day from 8am to 12pm. If you need anything, please ask our staff.

Emergency numbers

  • Fire fighters and ambulance – 112
  • Police – 110
  • Emergency doctor – 116 117

In case of:

  • falling out of heating, electricity or water
  • any broken facilities or damage in the room
  • Wifi / Internet break down
  • Fire in room or building (Fire fighters 112)

Call our facility manager +49 173 5193762

In case of:

  • Room code is not working

Call our management +49 173 5193762

When will my room be cleaned?2021-02-04T10:21:17+01:00

We take out waste from your room every day (Monday-Friday).

Once a week we offer a small cleaning service with towel change.

After one week we offer a big cleaning service with sheet and towel change.

Our service team is in the houses every day from 8am to 12pm. If you need anything, please ask our staff.

How does the TV work?2021-02-04T10:21:24+01:00

Press POWER on the remote control

CH = changes the channel

VOL = regulates the volume

How does the stove in the kitchen work?2021-02-04T10:21:29+01:00

Press the start button on the right

Select the hotplate you wish to heat (in the middle)

Use + and – to change the heat level

Use the clock to activate a timer

Start à Key =blocked

Start à Press the key long until you hear a sound = stove is activated.

How can I dry my laundry?2021-02-04T10:21:55+01:00

Please use the dryer in the laundry room and insert 2 Euros per usage.

You are welcome to dry your laundry on a rack in the laundry room. Please do not take the racks into your room or the corridors.

Where can I wash my laundry?2021-02-04T10:22:03+01:00

Our laundry room is in house 1, first floor, where you find a washing machine. Please insert 2 Euros per usage.

Guests in house 3 can enter the entrance door of house 1 using a separate code to be found in the house information.

How can I use WiFi?2024-04-22T10:51:53+02:00

Please find the WiFi login in the house information in the room.

„Please note when using the WiFi:

  • WiFi was recently improved by modern access points to ensure high quality reception in all rooms. If you prefer a LAN outlet for your device, let us know!
  • Our provider offers maximum download/upload of ↓ 250 Mbit/s ↑ 40 Mbit/s. Please note that upload and download output can differ according to manner of usage, performance of opposite server, own device and activity of other guests.
  • Please avoid transfering above average amounts of data, to ensure a stable connection for all guests.
  • We do not entitle that certain services can be used through the offered WiFi. Surfing on the internet and receiving e-mails is a basic feature. We do our best to enable a good connection to the internet in all rooms. For troubleshooting, please contact us immediately.“
Entering the code does not work?2021-02-04T10:22:57+01:00

You have entered the code a few times and the door shows red?

Please wait for 3 minutes and try again.

If access is still not possible, please call us: +49 173 5193762

The door still doesn´t open?2021-02-04T10:22:53+01:00

If the door does not open, pull the door shortly towards you after entering the code

If this is not working, please call us.

How does the house and room door open?2021-02-04T10:22:46+01:00

Enter the four digit code at the touch pad and press the √


Where can I park my car?2021-02-04T10:23:03+01:00

Guests in house 1 in front of the house

Guests in house 3 behind house 2

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